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Vesa Pölkki   

Suomen lippu Finnish
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Welcome to my homepage.
I am a guitar teacher and composer and I work in Kuopio Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Finland. My photo You can see on the left and up on the left there is my self portrait.

A list of my ancestors can be seen here. Pölkki family is known rather well and quite far backwards – now speaking of finnish commoners.

I studied guitar playing in Jyväskylä Conservatoire where my teacher was Štěpán Rak. I like very much working with guitar orchestra and chamber music groups, look at programs!.

Besides of my teaching work I have composed songs, but only very few solo guitar pieces. Playing guitar recitals I stopped already 1985 – no time for them.

My main hobbys are sailing by a boat called Tuulentie and Hungary, Hungarian culture, language and wine. I am the president of Finnish-Hungarian Association in Siilinjärvi.

Travelling is my hobby too. Among others I made a trip to Africa in 1997. Story is written in Hungarian but look at the photos!

Pölkinkylän kyltti Kyyjärvellä

Other things I have done:

I have built many gingerbread... constructions.
Article: Build your own capo!
Article: The conflict between the major third and the fifth partial

Songs and other pieces of mine

Recordings, scores, MIDI files and texts behind this link.

Sivun yläreunaan